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This site is not in use. For collaboration information and to read more about the Open Mobility Foundation ( ) go to Open Mobility Foundation Members ( ). The OMF Collaboration Site supports operations of the Open Mobility Foundation, a non-profit, city-led foundation which develops open-source software to manage urban mobility. Read more about the Open Mobility Foundation ( ) and Open Mobility Foundation Members ( ). Each subgroup supports the work of a community of interest within OMF. One set of subgroups corresponds to particular classes of participants - members, contributors, and staff. The other set is organizational: each corresponds to a committee or working group within the OMF. Most of the organizational groups are moderated, and membership is by appointment, or subscription request. Although participation in various groups, such as the Board of Directors is controlled, almost all of the emails and other material managed in the Collaboration Site are open to all. The only exceptions are for discussions of sensitive budgetary or policy matters by the Board of Directors or OMF Staff.
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Groups corresponding to different categories of OMF registration

  • contributors / Contributors
    Join this group to become an OMF Contributor and be eligible to donate ideas, software code, comments, policies or other material to the OMF. This group is open to everyone who agrees to its terms, whether or not they are an OMF Member. By joining this group, you agree to the terms of the OMF Individual Contributor License Agreement ( ICLA ( ) ) and the OMF Participation Policy ( ). Every person who makes contributions, or joins any OMF Working Group or OMF Committee, is required to join this group and agree to those terms. This group is used to track contributor sign-ups and is not expected to be a discussion list. For chat about specific matters, please see either the relevant working group or committee list, or the [watercooler] list. For more information about being a Contributor, see ( ). For more information about the working groups and committees, see their charters, included in the OMF Bylaws.
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Groups for OMF governance and administration

  • directors-plus / Board of Directors Plus
    This group is for the use of the OMF Board of Directors and the Executive Director, along with their proxies and support personnel as notified to OMF Staff. Only those persons may participate. However, this list archive can be viewed by all OMF members. There is a related [directors] group ("Board of Directors Private") that excludes the proxies and support personnel, and cannot be viewed by others. Subscriptions to this Group are managed by the OMF Staff.
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Subgroups that defy categorization

  • watercooler / The OMF Water Cooler
    This group, the Watercooler, is an open place for people to discuss general topics about the Open Mobility Foundation. Official technical and policy work of OMF occurs in other chartered committees and working groups;  this group is just for discussion.  Participation and subscription here is completely voluntary. By joining the group, you confirm that you'll abide by the OMF Participation Policies ( ) , including the Code of Conduct. Initially we will apply a light moderation policy on this list, until we get a feel for how the community is developing. Welcome! The OMF Staff.
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