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This site is not in use. For collaboration information and to read more about the Open Mobility Foundation go to Open Mobility Foundation Members.

The OMF Collaboration Site supports operations of the Open Mobility Foundation, a non-profit, city-led foundation which develops open-source software to manage urban mobility. 

Read more about the Open Mobility Foundation and Open Mobility Foundation Members.

Each subgroup supports the work of a community of interest within OMF. One set of subgroups corresponds to particular classes of participants - members, contributors, and staff. The other set is organizational: each corresponds to a committee or working group within the OMF. Most of the organizational groups are moderated, and membership is by appointment, or subscription request.

Although participation in various groups, such as the Board of Directors is controlled, almost all of the emails and other material managed in the Collaboration Site are open to all. The only exceptions are for discussions of sensitive budgetary or policy matters by the Board of Directors or OMF Staff.


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